• Healing Evolution

    Together we will navigate your evolution.

    Bobbi is an evolution specialist trained in many therapeutic modalities to hone in the root cause of symptoms, emotions, and behaviours. She guides an intensive exploration of the inner workings of trauma, addictions, and beliefs.
    Bobbi has this to say about how a session with her might look:
    "Together we use energy and intuition informed by history and trauma to dissect the personality, adaptations, habitual response patterns, and beliefs, to reveal your "in-the-present" Self, allowing you to let go of anxieties and old stories to live free in the here and now."
    Bobbi incorporates teachings from every corner of her life.

    With certification as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach in addition to being a Reiki Master Teacher and Child and Youth Care Counselor add to that an Intuitive Medium - sessions inspire transformation and lasting connection to Self.


    Through our work together, you will be able to grow your inner confidence and gracefully transform your life. Over time, your ability to find clarity, embrace a gentle balance of peace and power, along with gaining self-esteem and strength in making strong decisions, will become an authentic and natural way of living.

    The culmination of this magic is what brings a unique quality to your coaching sessions, and it invites empowerment, evolution and a giant LEAP - for you and your journey.


    You can e-transfer to bobbirfarrell@gmail.com for all services

  • Who I am

    is evolving moment by moment....

    Bobbi Farrell ~ click to email me

    Reiki Master Teacher

    Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner
    Child and Youth Care Counsellor

    Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach®

    *I am just a human on a journey to heal my soul, release my triggers and LIVE my best life!*

    I am a deeply intuitive connected soul. I am a free spirited creator with an intimate relationship to my capital S- Self. I live in a way that I honour and nurture all the parts of me. I acknowledge and respect all of my feelings as allies in my journey. I have learned to be compassionate to my crippling anxieties, deep ancestral traumas, present triggers, habitual response patterns … and deeply love, honour and respect the woman I have become.

    I am an unschooling mama, we live outside the box. We guide our lives by our intuition, our passions and our lessons (triggers, traumas, emotions). I teach my children that they create their reality. I teach them that they are “quantum biological beings” (Louise LeBrun) and they can heal themselves, think, act and be for themselves.
    I intend to raise kind, sovereign beings.


  • Join the Evolution Revolution

    Reach out. You + healing = Transformation

  • Upcoming Events

    Coming up....


    Red Tent Solstice Event

    December 20, 2022

    email me to register



    Reiki Share

    January 2023 TBD

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    Reiki Level 1 ~
    Self Healing

    January 2023 TBA

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    Reiki level 2 ~
    Healing Others



  • Testimonials

    Reiki Level 1 Testimonials

    "I'm so excited to continue my self healing Journey after experiencing Reiki level 1. I feel more aware of my own power and a deeper trust of my own intuition. Bobbi - thank you for this beautiful gift and for welcoming me into this healing space." ~ Lacey


    "I didn't know what to expect from this course, but I set the intention of going into it with an open heart and open mind. It was a beautiful experience. I was hoping to gain tools to deepen my own meditative practice and self-healing what I came out with was so much more than that. Thank you Bobbi, for your guidance and kind approach to teaching."



    "I came into this experience not entirely sure that I have the capacity to channel Reiki. It was emotionally moving for me and gave me so much insight to my own healing needs. The areas to focus on and how they connect to other people in my life became very clear. I remembered some deep experiences from very distant past lives, as well as from infancy. This was cleansing and empowering!" ~Danica


    "As someone who tends to have challenges being taught, Bobbi's teaching style has been one of the safest spaces I've ever been in. I am so grateful for the work she is doing and the ripple effect her work has on all beings and not just women." ~ Lindsay

    "From the first session with Bobbi I knew I was blessed. When I had the opportunity to learn from her I knew it would be profound. Having a safe place to learn how to heal others AND myself is the next step to my new chapter and Bobbi has a HUGE role to play in this journey! ~Stefanie


    "This was a wonderful and empowering experience. I felt holy supported throughout the process. There's enough information and details to get you started and curious for more. The hands-on experience was done in a way that felt comfortable and safe. Bobbi is the best! Warm inviting and knowledgeable."

    Tonya Rae

    "What an amazing day, I cannot begin to explain how moved I am, how open and flowing. Your energy is comforting and safe and not once did you make me feel anything but joy. I can't wait to grow more and learn more. I thank you I feel like a new man."

    Ben Wahl

    Transformational Healing Testimonials

    Bobbi’s 6-month Transformational Course was phenomenal for me. Every month exactly when I needed it most the session came to my rescue. I appreciated Bobbi’s insight, healings, guidance, & always her non-judgmental ear. It strategically came for me during a long half-year of challenges. I felt truly blessed. She even worked the course around my 5-week trip. She is a joy to work & grow with & I am grateful. - Jeannette



    "Bobbi holds sacred space, allowing deep relaxation, introspection, and
    authentic connection. She is a pioneer of community building from a sacred space." ~ Danica S. (Into-it)

    "My passion for raising others up was fully realized, and my capacity to do this is
    ``limitless``. I am not a bird in a cage." ~ Danica T. (Into-it)


    "Bobbi created such an authentic space for people to open up. She used her fabulous
    sense of humour and stories and guided us in fun stretching moves to relax and set the
    stage for communion. It was inspiring." ~ Claudine (Into-it)

  • Journey to Self

    Journey to Self is how I came to be here in this moment. It is the raw and real, authentic, moment to moment living of my life, thinking of my thoughts and feeling of my feelings. It is the real time integration of my own evolution. My path with Spirit, my soul song, my SELF!Join me in my constant exploration....

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    Dr. Sara Duban

    Dr. Sara Duban completed 4 years of school at CITCM in Calgary. Receiving a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as becoming a Registered Acupuncturist. ​
    Graduating as Valedictorian, and completing an internship at a Hospital in MianYang, Sichuan Province of China. ​
    Previous to Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sara has been practicing Reiki and Meditation for over 10 years.
    Now a Reiki Master and Teacher, with a desire to share healing tools you can use at home!

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