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    I am evolving moment by moment....

    BobbiRae Farrell ~ click to email me directly

    Transformational Healer ~ Evolution Specialist

    Photo Credits: Danica Sommer

    *I am just a human on a journey to heal my soul, release my triggers and LIVE my best life!*

    I am a deeply intuitive connected soul. I am a free spirited creator with an intimate relationship to my capital S- Self. I live in a way that I honour and nurture all the parts of me. I acknowledge and respect all of my feelings as allies in my journey. I have learned to be compassionate to my crippling anxieties, deep ancestral traumas, present triggers, habitual response patterns … and deeply love, honour and respect the woman I have become.

    I am an unschooling mama, we live outside the box. We guide our lives by our intuition, our passions and our lessons (triggers, traumas, emotions). I teach my children that they create their reality. I teach them that they are “quantum biological beings” (Louise LeBrun) and that can heal themselves, think, act and be for themselves.
    I intend to raise kind, sovereign beings.

    Professionally, I am an Evolution Specialist… I guide people back into their bodies, back into their lives to consciously live in the present. I realign people with their essence. I wake them up!!
    I use various modalities empowering them to remember what it is to live divinely connected to their intuition.

    Most currently I am a student of Gabor Mate’s psychotherapeutic approach, Compassionate Inquiry and Richard Schwartz’s, Internal Family Systems therapy.
    I am a Reiki Master Teacher.
    I am a Child and Youth Care Worker, a foster parent….I have many roles…all of them the core elements are nurture, helping, care, compassion and empowerment.

    Also, I am exploring TRUTH. The language of truth. The showing up of truth, my truth, not THE TRUTH, but my truth -moment to moment in my evolution. So many truths I have not declared out loud in fear of being burnt at the stake. I want to declare my truths out loud and be seen standing in them for as long as they last and then shift into my new truth. That is what is real and authentic. We are not meant to have one truth and stick it out for the rest of our lives…that’s stubbornness and a refusal to evolve, not truth.


  • Seasons of Self

    Deep dive into the parts of your Self that you forgot....
    The intention of these sessions is not to feel better but to get better at feeling....


    Please send an email outlining what you offer, how you've come to know your Self and any relevant credentials

    Seasons of Self explained....


    Emerge DATE CHANGE June 1st 10am

    Yoga, Photography, Journaling

    An invitation to drop into your life and emerge
    Co-created by Bobbi Farrell, Loryn Plante and Meagan Elemans

    Explore Sensual with Self

    not an event ... a date with Self

    An invitation to drop into your body and explore.



    Radical Forgiveness, Timeline Meditation and Somatic Integration

    An invitation to embrace all that contributed to you becoming.
    Co-created by Bobbi Farrell, Cindy Hubka and Janine Kerner

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    Expose or Exposé

    Conscious Dance, Hypnosis and Vocalization

    A deeper look inside at your own limitations and constrictions.
    Co-created by Paula Smith, Roger Metz and Danica Sommer

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    Yoga, Meditation and Art

    An invitation to drop into your body and exhale.
    Co-created by Bobbi Farrell, Danica and Shonna Lamb

  • Testimonials

    Reiki Level 1 Testimonials

    "I'm so excited to continue my self healing Journey after experiencing Reiki level 1. I feel more aware of my own power and a deeper trust of my own intuition. Bobbi - thank you for this beautiful gift and for welcoming me into this healing space." ~ Lacey


    "I didn't know what to expect from this course, but I set the intention of going into it with an open heart and open mind. It was a beautiful experience. I was hoping to gain tools to deepen my own meditative practice and self-healing what I came out with was so much more than that. Thank you Bobbi, for your guidance and kind approach to teaching."



    "I came into this experience not entirely sure that I have the capacity to channel Reiki. It was emotionally moving for me and gave me so much insight to my own healing needs. The areas to focus on and how they connect to other people in my life became very clear. I remembered some deep experiences from very distant past lives, as well as from infancy. This was cleansing and empowering!" ~Danica


    "As someone who tends to have challenges being taught, Bobbi's teaching style has been one of the safest spaces I've ever been in. I am so grateful for the work she is doing and the ripple effect her work has on all beings and not just women." ~ Lindsay

    "From the first session with Bobbi I knew I was blessed. When I had the opportunity to learn from her I knew it would be profound. Having a safe place to learn how to heal others AND myself is the next step to my new chapter and Bobbi has a HUGE role to play in this journey! ~Stefanie


    "This was a wonderful and empowering experience. I felt holy supported throughout the process. There's enough information and details to get you started and curious for more. The hands-on experience was done in a way that felt comfortable and safe. Bobbi is the best! Warm inviting and knowledgeable."

    Tonya Rae

    "What an amazing day, I cannot begin to explain how moved I am, how open and flowing. Your energy is comforting and safe and not once did you make me feel anything but joy. I can't wait to grow more and learn more. I thank you I feel like a new man."

    Ben Wahl

    Transformational Healing Testimonials

    Bobbi’s 6-month Transformational Course was phenomenal for me. Every month exactly when I needed it most the session came to my rescue. I appreciated Bobbi’s insight, healings, guidance, & always her non-judgmental ear. It strategically came for me during a long half-year of challenges. I felt truly blessed. She even worked the course around my 5-week trip. She is a joy to work & grow with & I am grateful. - Jeannette



    "Bobbi holds sacred space, allowing deep relaxation, introspection, and
    authentic connection. She is a pioneer of community building from a sacred space." ~ Danica S. (Into-it)

    "My passion for raising others up was fully realized, and my capacity to do this is
    ``limitless``. I am not a bird in a cage." ~ Danica T. (Into-it)


    "Bobbi created such an authentic space for people to open up. She used her fabulous
    sense of humour and stories and guided us in fun stretching moves to relax and set the
    stage for communion. It was inspiring." ~ Claudine (Into-it)

  • Journey to Self

    Journey to Self is how I came to be here in this moment. It is the raw and real, authentic, moment to moment living of my life, thinking of my thoughts and feeling of my feelings. It is the real time integration of my own evolution. My path with Spirit, my soul song, my SELF!Join me in my constant exploration....

    June 2, 2021
      I am so fucking lit up in a way I havent’ been in years!! Literally years… Today was...
    April 5, 2021
    The question was how I came to love myself so much. I was saying how as I child I loved to watch...
    January 23, 2021
    Once upon a time Bobbi Farrell tried hard to be a person that society could not look down upon....
    December 25, 2020
    For the last 3 Christmases I have been haunted by my inner child self, she has been so over come...
    November 19, 2020
    Coffee in one hand, computer in the other with nothing but spaciousness and my witty thoughts. I...
    September 12, 2020
    I first experienced symptoms in my left breast in 2004, my left breast was insanely itchy. I...
    April 11, 2019
    Piece by piece, step by step, day by day, I reclaim myself. I drove up to Calgary the other day...
    March 14, 2019
    I was triggered into some fiery rage this morning by the contents of my world. As I allowed the...
    September 19, 2017
    Holy macaroni. This morning started with another wave of sadness. I didn't want to get out of bed...
    September 18, 2017
    In my experience while I'm healing Old Wounds and letting go of old stories I have Snippets of...
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  • Click the link above to join the facebook Red Tent Community group

    Virtual Red Tent

    Monthly ONLINE community gathering

    The Red Tent is a safe place for women to come together without roles and responsibilities to show up raw and real and be in alignment with their true Self. The Red Tent is offered around the full moon to bring us back to the cyclical nature of Earth, the moon and OUR own cycles. It is a place for ceremony and ritual, a place to honour tradition and speak of the mysteries of life. It is a healing experience. Activities can include (and are not limited too): sharing, laughing, evolving, crying, healing, journalling, meditating, singing, touching (JUST KIDDING !*@#)....


    Donations not expected but gratefully accepted


    *Women only

    *Ensure you are in a quiet, sacred, undisturbed space

    *Show up on time and stay till the end
    *Must have video on
    *No recording or screenshots

    *Whatever happens in the tent stays in the tent
    *By attending you agree to these guidelines!


    Pink Tent

    A youth/mentor experience

    A pink tent is offered for mentor and youth (that have not yet started their menses). It is a safe place for connections, story-telling and mindfulness. The Pink Tent offers ceremony and ritual that mentor and youth can integrate into their daily lives. Initiation into the Red Tent can be arranged when the time comes. Activities similar to those mentioned above.

  • Upcoming Events

    Coming up....


    Seasons of Self

    June 1st, 2021 10am MST

    Reiki level 2

    June 26, 2021


    Reiki Level 1 ~ Self Healing


    Virtual Red Tent

    May 13th, 2021 @ 7pm MST

    Radical Forgiveness Ceremony


    Sacred Self ~ 4 part series ~ Young


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    Distance Healing or Compassionate Inquiry Counselling

    Distance Healing or Compassionate Inquiry Counselling

    40.00 - 90.00
    This healing can be done anywhere in the world. It is based on the teachings of Reiki Healing however I use all of my trainings, skills and intuition to create the most magical healing experience guided by your personal needs.

    This includes Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coaching and Compassionate Inquiry sessions.

    Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate. With Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them.
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    Seasons of Self

    Seasons of Self

    This gives you admission to the current session.

    *Price difference is for website fee

    E-transfers can be sent to bobbirfarrell@gmail.com ($20)
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    one hour energy healing
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    Reiki Level 2

    Reiki Level 2

    Pre-requisite level 1 reiki
    This is a full day workshop

    We will go over the symbols, self healing, distance healing and healing others.
    We touch on marketing, consent forms and building clientele.
    There is an attunement.

    What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a powerful, simple to use system of laying on of hands to promote and stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.
    Reiki assists the body, mind and soul to heal itself. Reiki energy has innate intelligence and will always go where it is needed. It is known to re-establish the energy balance, remove blockages and clear out toxins from the body.
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    Reiki Level 1

    Reiki Level 1

    Reiki Level 1 - Self Healing
    This is a full day workshop. You will leave with a level one reiki certification.

    What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a powerful, simple to use system of laying on of hands to promote and stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.
    Reiki assists the body, mind and soul to heal itself. Reiki energy has innate intelligence and will always go where it is needed. It is known to re-establish the energy balance, remove blockages and clear out toxins from the body.
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  • Video Archives

    Evolution at it's finest....videos then and now....

    Journey to Self ~ A year in the life

    Week 22

    Check in

    Journey to Self ~ A year in the Life

    Week 19

    Check in

    Magic Mondays

    Deeper level conversations where we can hear our truths

    Choice part 1

    Magic Mondays

    Deeper level conversations where we can hear our truths

    Choice part 2

    Welcome to Goddess Inc

    and so it begins...

    BOOB etiquette

    Yup, I just said that


    Raw and Real


    Road trip ordained by the Universe

    I Choose Me

    Motherhood AND Freedom

    Be the Change

    Speak out with vulvas

    Painting Vulvas

    Let's talk about their bodies, body sovereignty and self love!

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  • Magical Spiritual Sensual Self

    This 5 week intensive experience will weave the gifts from 6 women into a deep and profound exploration of our own Magical Spiritual Sensual worlds.


    Mandy of SOUL fully SOIL and Bobbi of Goddess Inc are creating a one of a kind exploration of our Magical, spiritual and Sensual SELF.

    This 5 week intensive experience will weave the gifts from 6 women into a deep and profound exploration of our own Magical Spiritual Sensual worlds.

    For too long our lives as female have entailed a stretching of our "sexuality". Our value comes in the form of our ability to be Sexual and complicit in this storyline. What we have come to discover on our path is that there is soooo much more to our WHOLE selves than just the sexual piece.

    We are sacred, spiritual, magical and sensual beings. When we embrace and redefine these words and how they are applicable in our lives, we reclaim a birth right to live Holy and Fully!

    This experience will include:

    3 hours of sacred space each week and in person, for 5 weeks, in the exploration/conversation of your own unique magical spiritual , sensual SELF (msss). We will come together in circle as we explore our past dance with MSSS and redefine the future. These conversations are powerful and they take an immense amount of internal trust and safety. We recognize that this exploration is for those who are ready to interrupt a stale pattern and habitual way of being in their lives. It is NOT for everyone. But.... rest assured that the sacred space held by both Mandy and Bobbi will be a gentle and tender space for all women to arrive as they are.... week after week.

    Each week will include a different medium in which to play and discover our own Magical, spiritual and sensual SELVES. Some of these mediums include ( but are not limited to): Breathwork, yoga, meditation, chakra dancing, shamanic journeying, art, music, intuitive Permaculture, reiki and henna. Each medium is designed and holds the intention to evoke and enhance your own unique journey to discover your magical spiritual and sensual SELF. Please see website info for more information on presenters. www.soulfullysoil.ca and www.goddessinclusive.com .

    There will be take homes, links for support, suggested reading list, and other supportive literature on your journey.

    There will be a private facebook page for 24 hour per day support and knowledge sharing.

    There will be healing beverages and snacks each week and a warm, inviting and sacred place to play.

    Our exploration into the Magical Spiritual and Sensual SELF has been in part evoked by the work of Louise LeBrun. We will loosely explore Louise's CD set called "Sexual Sensual and Spiritual Beings. The CD set can be purchased here : https://louiselebrun.ca/book/sexual-sensual-and-spiritual-beings/

    Each CD download can be purchased online for a fee of $50. This is highly recommended for those who are participating in this experience. We will listen at our own pace to the CD offerings and share our experience in circle.


    Dates for session #1:
    February 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22 2019 6-9 pm
    Location: TBA

    Now... for the offering.

    $300 early bird paid in full by February 12th
    $350 after February 12th
    Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e transfer to soulfullysoil@gmail.com

    There will be a second session and the dates for those sessions are as follows:
    May 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31st 2019
    Location: TBA

    Bobbi and Mandy's Invitation for the Magical Spiritual Sensual SELF experience

    Bobbi's why....

    Mandys Invitation for the Magical Spiritual Sensual SELF experience

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