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A piece of my History

my original bio...

Once upon a time Bobbi Farrell tried hard to be a person that society could not look down upon. Since having a child out of wedlock, in high school, she worked extra hard to raise her son “right” and do everything respectably. She did a damn fine job. She was a foster mom, as a single mom, and she rocked it. One day she woke up and realized she wasn’t living anymore; she was existing. Bobbi had a respectable job with an office and a title. She had a husband, a house, a dog, her son…everything she wanted, but still she wasn’t happy. She was gifted with another son and some maternity leave. She used the mat leave to ponder over where she was headed and what she really wanted out of life. At the end of that year, Bobbi never went back to her office. She began following her inner guidance and listening to her heart. She took some Reiki training, had yet another son and fed her soul. The Universe presented a young single mom who needed support, guidance and a safe place to raise her children. This fulfilled a long time desire of Bobbi’s to help young moms to thrive and raise healthy children. So began Bobbi’s specialized home for young moms needing assistance with parenting, growing, learning and life. Somewhere between son 2 and 3 she stopped wearing “grown up pants” and only wore things that made her soul sing (no bras, no ginch, no pinchey shit)—this was a conscious choice, not a by-product of motherhood!
One fine day Bobbi was out for ice cream with a friend and she saw a pregnant woman with dreadlocks….she judged that woman, rather harshly…..BUT THANK GODDESS, she had the ability to hear herself and say WTF? Who are you? Who the hell judges someone based on their hair?
That was the beginning of her dreadlock journey and she didn’t even know it.
You might ask how someone goes from being a stuffy, corporate, fashionable business mom to a tye-dye and dreadlock wearing free spirit and the answer is simple….slow down and listen. Your body will guide you to where you need to be and the Universe will make sure you get there.

Bobbi currently follows bread crumbs laid out by the Universe; she has never been happier or healthier.

Bobbi Farrell uses ritual and ceremony to bring forth the Healer and Wild Woman that lives in ALL of us. Join us in a beautiful, grounding and safe atmosphere to rest and rejuvenate by returning to the ways of the past and connecting with the cyclical nature of the Earth.
Bobbi is passionate about helping women find their voice, stand in their truth and return to the bodies. She is bringing women together: connecting, depending, supporting and rejoicing with each other over the amazing gift of womanhood.
Bobbi has a diploma in Child and Youth Care and a certificate in Children’s Mental Health. She is a Practitioner of Reiki. She dabbles in Healing, Mediumship and Shamanism. She has actually returned to the girl she was born to be, before she let the world tell her who she should be!!