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finding my fire


I am so fucking lit up in a way I havent’ been in years!! Literally years…

Today was Seasons of Self Emerge and I think I did…I think I found a part of me long forgotten and put away. I found me, her, we, us!!

The me that LOVES me…unconditionally…flaws and all. The me that wants to share me loud and proud with all the world. The me that wants to show up naked and unafraid …. Or afraid and who gives a fuck…because I am fucking fabulous. I am real. I am beautiful and I make me smile. I am so fucking in love with me today…with who I am, how I am, what I offer, how I show up, how I survive, how I thrive and how I rise up time and time again. 

I am that little girl dancing in the drive way with her strawberry shortcake record player, blasting Madonna or Belinda Carlisle for all to hear and singing and dancing my heart out AND LOVING IT.

After Emerge today I went and took some selfies on the trampoline with dandelions as props…later inspired by *tushie Tuesday I went upstairs to my favourite afternoon sun spot and played with my Self in the light. 

I am inspired to be seen now even more than ever.  

I have been pretty modest up until now with my naked…when I was doing yoga today – I wore short shorts and a bralette (which I never do - I do yoga fully clothed…I don’t like the way some of my parts have started to sag!!!) I didn’t care. I looked down at my belly that carried 3 beautiful healthy humans and I fell in love. I looked at my legs and felt gratitude. While I was in childs pose it hit me that clothing optional sessions need to be a thing in my life. I feel so free. I feel on fire. Literally on fire. I am hot!! I am never hot! I am enlivened. I am passionate. I am fully alive in this moment and so fucking grateful.  

*tushie tuesday is a thread in the fb group Empowered by ME photo