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Dear corporate self

Getting up in the morning should not be a chore, dealing with office politics polluting a job you enjoy does not have to be a reality. That MS and fibromyalgia those doctors are talking about might just be warning signals from your body that you’re not listening to your heart. That panic disorder that developed, that package a day habit that returned when you were asked to step so far out of your comfort zone you burst into tears…ugly cried…in front of a complete stranger and still put the wants of the company above your screaming soul, for a paycheck, for society’s approval, for the title of your position!

What if I told you when you settle into that beautiful body of yours and listen to that blessed little voice you have worked so hard to ignore, the pot of gold is really just over the rainbow. The rainbow being all the bullshit that you, society and others have put in the way.

Happiness is really as simple as listening to your heart, hearing yourself and learning to come back into your body, gratefully accepting her life-altering awareness, intuition and guidance that had been there all along. Having the courage to sit in the knowledge that is your own, the knowing, the truth and to stand in that truth, your truth, and live from that place of authenticity is the most freeing, fulfilling, soul-food, ever! What if I told you that if you listen to your heart you would never feel alone, you would know the universal love that guides us?
What if…….?

When you wake up, who will you be listening to? Who will guide your choices? Will you lead with love or fear?