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The other day I was watching a movie with my children, Walking with Dinosaurs, and in the movie the dinosaurs migrate to their mating grounds and then head back to wherever they came from. While they were migrating to the mating grounds **spoiler alert** there was a fire in the forest and somebody got eaten by a big old meat eater.

I was talking to my husband about how they migrate every year and I said out loud “Why do they bother? Why don’t they just stay where they are because then at least they’re probably safe?”

I knew in that moment when I said it out loud that’s truly how I felt! That’s truly how I’ve been living my life. I stay where I am under the illusion of safety! I know that the full impact of this knowledge has not even begun to settle in my body!

When I said the words out loud I felt like a tiny pebble was thrown into a pond and the ripples have just begun… I know that from this point forward I cannot continue to hide.The illusion of safety is not enough to keep me trapped, keep me hiding; I know that I was sent here to do this work and I’m helping no one by staying small!