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When a movie is not just a movie....

Moana is a modern day "fairytale" because it is what children should be aspiring to be. Not one where she's a princess and she gets her prince and all that hokie bullshit but one where she steps into her calling... steps into her truth, honors her path even though she doesn't understand it. She's been drawn to the water her whole life knowing that she's not supposed to be there and she follows the signs of the universe and recognizes the signs from Spirit and her ancestry that guide her on her path. Moana is based on a true story...a true story that lives in ALL of us. She's not "special" and she's not a fictional character, it's real! The difference being: she listens! She honors that and despite not knowing why or how or what or when she follows that. She allows her knowing, her innate intuition to guide her across an ocean to follow her path and become! Become the woman she's meant to be.

It also speaks to a book I'm reading right now called Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce and we feel the fire burning within us and we stop it and tell ourselves all these stories about why we shouldn't do this or shouldn't do that or we can't do this we can't do that and it's bullshit too. Burn. Let the Fire, the passion burn within you... follow that path, follow that knowing. Follow that innate knowing inside of you -that feeds you -that keeps you burning -that keeps you alive... follow that! Honor what you know to be true for you.

It goes back to that conversation where my husband asked me can't a dead tree just be a dead tree or can't a headache be a headache? and the truth of my experience is NO! It's not! Everything -EVERYTHING that's put in front of you is for your direct evolution - all you have to do is see it for what it is and ask yourself (internal referencing) what do I need right now for me? And FFS follow that! Don't talk yourself out of it! Don't make up bullshit excuses.... put on your big girl panties pull up your fucking socks and follow that which makes you burn inside PERIOD!

We had a conversation the other night in the Red Tent about being special or not being special and I'm not special because I can hear the voice of spirit. I'm not special because I can talk to your past over loved ones. I'm not special because I created a red tent and a community for women. I'm special because I have my very own path to follow and I am special because I listen to the call - I answer the burn! I follow the passion whether or not it makes sense. I follow it! I follow it because I know in my heart that I am special and I was brought here to do big things and the way to those big things is following all those little signs, recognizing when my ancestors are speaking to me or when the universe is guiding me. I pick up those bread crumbs even if my voice is shaking and my legs are quaking and I want to shit my pants... I pick up that bread crumb because deep inside I know!