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Coming Home to the Red Tent

When women enter The Red Tent something happens to them.... when they walk through the curtains you can physically see the letting go. There's a softening that happens- it's visible- it's audible- there's a sigh within them - they are relaxing into themselves. They show up for themselves, they return back to their bodies and you can see the subtle difference of the return to self - capital S - Self.

For many there's a feeling of awe and wonder at the authenticity they feel flowing back to them, the authenticity they see looking back at them from across the circle. There is a deep respect for the rawness and the realness of every woman who shows up - shows up for herself, shows up for her sisters and shows up in her body in a way that she hasn't for years. The Red Tent offers a magical space that seems to transcend time, Status Quo and Society. It allows us to reconnect through Sisterhood despite ages, status, all the bullshit that separated us throughout the years. We return to this natural state of BEing: recognizing the value in honoring the generations, honoring the sameness and honoring the sanctity of The Sisterhood. It feels natural to sit in circle and share yourself: your deep yearnings, fears, feelings, passions - your true Self. Somehow in this crazy world when you walk through the fabric and sit down in the tent it feels safe to be you, it feels safe to share with other women in a world where we've been taught to fear that relationship, to compete with one another, to judge one another - all of that falls away. It's truly magical. It fills you up, it touches a place inside your soul - that your soul can remember - it's like coming home.