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Mommy Confesses


Mommy Confesses
Canada Day long weekend~ I stole a towel from Surveyor’s Lake!
I am truly sorry but I would do it again!
Scene of the crime: We went fishing after dinner…and by “we went fishing” I mean my husband and sons were to fish and I was to boat around silently enjoying the scenery. Reality- they went around the side of the lake I boated along the edge, they yelled greetings and updates at me THE WHOLE TIME until my littlest (3) decided that swimming would be way more fun and belly flopped into the water with me. He continued to splash and swim and push me around, oh and beg for a turn….I ended up parking the boat so he could jump off the dock…this is where the 5 year old joined us. So now my husband is clear across the lake enjoying the peace and quiet and fishing. I can see the sun about to dip behind the mountain so I holler to him 5 more minutes. Since my children were going fishing and I was going boating I did not pack towels or a change of clothes…at this point I am starting to eye up the beach for any stray towels. I see some fabric laying on the other side of the dock on the beach I go examine the lost button up man’s shirt and think to myself, it will do in a pinch. The little guy comes out of the water, the sun is gone. He is sitting on the beach shivering crouched into a ball. I get him to take off his wet clothes, hoping his body will dry faster this way. I pick him up offering him by body heat, I would offer him my dry tank top but as we know I do not wear a bra so…..Then I say Universe please let there be a clean abandoned towel… and low and behold up on the grass there is a towel~ it smells of clean laundry and I say my silent thanks and wrap my baby in a towel. The 5 year old is still happily dock jumping. I now holler in my not-so-sweet wife voice that I am leaving. I can see across the lake him start to pack up…(apparently he didn’t hear me the first time HA).
I know that many, if not all, of you would do the same in this situation. I am deeply sorry that I stole someone’s towel, but I feel better knowing there was no one left at the lake and it was laying across the grass in such a way that I know someone was carrying it to the car with their hands full and it got left behind….for us….THANK YOU!!!