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Let the Light Shine In

There's no room for society in my house.

I had an amazingly indulgent morning of self-care this weekend. It consisted of morning yoga with meditation and mantras in the art room followed by painting, the market, a dear friend and some nature.

I had a soulful conversation about parenting and letting go: letting go of outcomes, letting go of expectations, and societal norms. Just being there for our children RAW and REAL, holding space for them to learn and grow, for them to experience the cause of their effect, experience the RAW and REAL of their emotion and grow, blossom and unfold into the person they came here to be.

There is no room for society in my house! I want society to have no say in what my children want for themselves, their passions, their fashions, their expressions, and their own moral compass.

One day I will have to step back and allow them to choose whether to live by society’s rules or to live their own way.

I take pause in this moment to see the paragraph of things I said I just wanted for my child~ immediately following a paragraph of letting go~ followed by another paragraph of stepping back.

The point is: whether it’s “society” or us maybe we could all step back and let a little light shine in so they can grow?