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I read an article the other day on "output". The idea was that we are our most productive when we first wake up and that our morning should be focused on output as opposed to input.

I am aware of how much input I add to my day whether it's books, Google, Facebook other people's opinions, any form of external stimuli blah blah blah.

My input far out weighs my output.

There is no balance.

It occurred to me as yet another way that I hide. As long as I'm learning I don't necessarily have to be doing....

It also could be interpreted as not being good enough... I don't have enough knowledge inside of me to do what I was sent here to do.

I find solace in the fact that I didn't choose this path; this path chose me. It really takes a lot of the pressure off. I know that I was chosen to do a job and in that knowing the information flows.

It's a really old model of thinking, in my experience, that I have to do-do-do and Prep-Prep-Prep and research-research-research.

I find my most profound insights come from sitting in a silent place of knowing taking a deep breath and flowing from my heart.

So at one point in my life output would have meant sitting in front of a computer and "working". Output in my current state of being: is sitting with my blanket and my cup of coffee, watching the sunrise, honoring the quiet with the soft glow of the salt lamp I record my knowings: my rambling.

That is my "output".