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Goddess Inc

A Community for Women

The story of Goddess Inc

Once upon a time there was a girl who worked very hard to unlearn all that she had become when she forgot who she was…

She felt guided by the Universe to empower women; she had an amazing friend who went to business school helping her live out the Universe's plan. She struggled for weeks over a name to call this business; one day after both women had set the intention that a name would be found Goddess Inc was suggested by the beautiful friend. The girl struggled with “Incorporated” it sounded too professional too business so she started playing with words: Goddess Link, Goddess Sync….she ran upstairs to her teenage son and yelled “Goddess Sync, get it? We SYNC, Goddess Sync, like our periods?” As she danced around the kitchen, he grinned his big grin, shook his head and said, “yeah Mom, I get it, that's cool.” She laughed and continued dancing and hollering

After much deliberation it was decided to use Goddess Inc for its versatility and professionalism but when she went to register the Universe had a different plan; turns out you can't be incorporated in the name if you aren't actually Incorporated (which is just an ass-load more work and too complex for this airy fairy goddess who shutters at the thought of business). The business was registered as Goddess Sync, she felt a little deflated, she had really come to love Goddess Inc AND she really really hates being told she can’t do something. She realized despite looking like a rule breaker, she is very much a rule follower….she did not like this realization at all! So as she continued to think throughout the days, she went and got a dictionary and looked up Incorporated. Merriam-Webster's simple definition of incorporated is: to include something as part of something else! She realized that that's exactly what she wanted to do she wanted to include secluded women into a network, include Sisterhood and collaboration and Villages as part of our everyday lives; she also wanted to include healing and Reiki and readings and all of the other things that she's passionate about into her business. She decided she is taking back the word incorporated! It is rightfully hers to use as she sees fit. It is neither too professional nor too business, it is just perfect!

Goddess Inc was born because that's what the focus is: inclusion.

So the name on paper might be Goddess Sync, which is perfectly ingenious in itself and very much the name and purpose of the ongoing women’s group, but my rebellious all-inclusive name is really Goddess Inc.…Goddess Inclusive if you must