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loss..... breast health

I first experienced symptoms in my left breast in 2004, my left breast was insanely itchy. I remember mentioning it to my male Dr and he laughed at me. I was furious, I recall saying if we were talking about his balls, he wouldn’t be laughing.
Anyhow, I digress…
from a lifestyle prescriptions® perspective
Breast is often loss of touch in regards to nurture…
skin is also loss of touch
the left side of the body for a right wired human relates to: mother child home

In 2004 my mother passed away
I moved away from my home ---meaning my house, my friends, my family, my city, my ALL
I even moved away from the aspect of my Self that was a child…I lost all sense of my innocence that year in so many ways, the most extreme being in finding my mother's body, accompanied by moving 2 hours away from anyone I had ever known or loved, to start life anew with my then 6 year old son.
I lost the carefree girl I had been, I traded her in for a responsible, respectable grown-up, raising her child and taking Child and Youth Care in College. I bought my first house. I grew up overnight, again!
In terms of LOSS, I’d say I lost a lot that year!!
Loss with regards to nurture …all of my nurturing humans were back “home”, and my momma (a huge source of nurture) was gone….forever.
Recognizing all of this tonight feels profound somehow….
Healing happens